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Current Prompt: Journey

Whether an Artisan or a Traveler, the life of a Faelidh will naturally be filled with many different journeys and travels! The Faelidh world of Valiore is home to many different sights-not to mention the born ability of all Fae to travel to different worlds, enabling them to go to places never seen before!

Draw your Fae traveling alone or with others to some of the Valiore locations or the different sights of the Canterwit world! What are some of the places they see? Do they run into trouble or monsters, or discover some hidden treasure or secret? Or perhaps they're just visiting friends?

This prompt can be just your Faelidh, or can include another someone else's registered Faelidh/Canterwit in your entry!
Registered Canters

Heres some resources for you to use!

Faelidh World Map by Verlidaine Canterwit World Map by Fawnpuppy Faelidh Locations
Lumina Fields
A burst of color, Lumina Fields is host to thousands of different kinds of flowers, all ranging in size and hue. It is not uncommon for the flowers of one location to be smaller than Faelidh, while others in a different area tower over them. It is under the petals and leaves that an expansive market does its business, selling multiple dyes, cloths, and other trinkets. 
Lumina Fields also serves another purpose-every Faelidh calls Lumina Fields their birthplace, as all Faelidh are born from a bloom planted in the Field. Hopeful Fae parents must travel from their caravan with the child's seedling and tend to the plant until it blooms, revealing the young Faelidh inside. 
It is near here that the Spring Caravan makes their home.

A wide expanse of grass and flowers, this location is known for its warm and sometimes fickle weather. Thunderstorms app

Entries must have at least some background elements and have at least 50% or more of the body in order to be counted. Writing entries are also accepted but have to be 500 words at least. All entries must be submitted into the Event Prompts folder in order to be counted!
Each extra Faelidh, species, or 500+ word story accompanying the prompt will count as an extra Shard!

Prompt Deadline is May 5th at 11:59 PM PST

Want to suggest a prompt? Do it here!

Check out the Group Bank Here!

Want to learn more about Shards? Check them out below!
Faelidh Currency (Community Bank)

Shard Values

Faelidh currency are called Shards! Faes have 4 different types of Shards, each representing a different amount.
Wood- 1 Shard
Stone- 5 Shards
Crystal- 10 Shards
Gem- 50 Shards

Reward List

You as a member or a Faelidh owner can earn shards to spend on different rewards! You can earn Shards by completing group prompts, entering contests, group challenges, Plot Events, and potentially other ideas to be released in the future!
(Wood=1, Stone=5, Crystal=10, Gem=50)
Hover over the Shards for values!
(1 Shard)
One Entry into group raffles or giveaways  
(5 Shards)
A small accessory for one Faelidh
(10 Shards)
 An outfit piece for one Faelidh
(25 Shards)


SORRY FOR THE LATENESS Zelda took over my life rifp.

New shop items should be coming out shortly!! : D

We will be doing these every three weeks! Drawing something for the prompt will earn you a tally that can be used for later purchasing goodies such as outfits, rare traits, raffle tickets, giveaway bonuses, and other special rewards!

Feel free to ask questions below and enjoy!
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Species Lore, Setting, and Traits
Quick n Dirty Faelidh Anatomy Guide by Verlidaine
Faelidh Registration Sheet (Another New Sheet!) by Verlidaine
Free Faelidh Icon Base!! by Verlidaine
Faelidh World Map by Verlidaine
The Caravans
outskirts of summer by Verlidaine
Summer Caravan by Verlidaine
Sunspot Caravan by albinosharky
auburn by tyronniesaur
Event Prompts
pocket full of sunshine by ikirr
Faelidh prompt: Trickster by nopalrabbit
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casting shadows, like dancing sparrows by ikirr
Summer Raffle
Faelidh Summer Raffle: Lily by citrinecat
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About the Group

:bulletwhite:Faelidh Website!:bulletwhite:
(still under some development!

:bulletwhite: Brief Faelidh Lore:bulletwhite:
Faelidh are teeny little creatures that are responsible for the upkeep and care of worlds! There are two breeds-Artisans and Travelers. Artisans, the non winged ones, are responsible for creating anything that worlds may need, whether its dyes for changing leaves, a new winter fur coat for animals, crafting the morning dew, or creating snowflakes-they do it all! Travelers, the winged ones, are responsible for bringing the work that the Artisans have done and putting it into the specific world, as their wings enable them to cross through the veil from their world to others!

:bulletwhite:About the Group:bulletwhite:
This group is a character development/story oriented group! There will be multiple prompts revolving around character development for your Faelidh, plot events regarding the Faelidh world, and all sorts of fun storytelling and roleplaying stuff! We also will have inter-caravan competitions, raffles, giveaways, and prizes!

Group Chatroom!
[Currently Inactive]

Group Bank

:bulletwhite:About the Prompts:bulletwhite:
The prompts are all about developing your Faelidh and their character! We will feature multiple developmental prompts for you to complete with your Faelidh that focus on your Faelidh, interactions, and worldbuilding! Complete prompts and earn points to add outfits, rare traits, animal companions and more to your Faelidh. Theres even a chance to win rare prizes! Take a look to see what the current Prompt is!
:bulletwhite:Official Faelidh:bulletwhite:
Please inform the group via notes if you have traded your Faelidh to a new owner!


I'm Verli! I created the original concept for Faelidh and their world, I also design new Faelidh! I hope you enjoy looking around!


Ronnie, Cat, Lynn, Silky, Anne, and Zieu all are important helpers with managing the group!! They may even submit a few designs from time to time, so keep an eye out!


Other species that Faelidh will often interact with during inter-species prompts!

Icon by tyronniesaur


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JiggyJaggy Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017
Hello, sorry I tried to find a FAQ or rules to see if this was answered but could not find anything. Are we allowed to edit designs that we receive at all? Of course not major designs.
Verlidaine Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017  Student General Artist
Absolutely! You can even largely change the design/redo it, although its preferred you stick semi close to the original design! But the only rules are no adding rarities and dont copy a preexisting design! :D
JiggyJaggy Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017
Ahh this is wonderful thank you!!
Verlidaine Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017  Student General Artist
np!! Forgot to mention another rule-just note the group with the proposed redesign when its completed! (if its something major-if youre adding a tiny marking or two or just changing the hue of one color then dw about it!)
(2 Replies)
0CAT Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017
Hey guys!
does anyone have a registered faelidh that would like to be partners with mine? She is a traveler, and brings ripe berries and fruits back to their plants! She would like to be partners with someone who paints ripe colors on fruits or ripens them! 
Korryn Registration Sheet 

im very sorry if there is some sort of journal for this - I wasn't sure where I was supposed to post this so I just left a comment! If this is against the rules let me know and I'll take it down :)
Samooraii Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017  Student Artist
BleedingColorAdopts Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017
Um I just wanted to say that there are alot of people, including me, who had the points and wanted to purchase their MYO from this event. I commented before the deadline like everyone else did, like 1 whole week before it ended to make my MYO official. But I got no reply, and neither did the other 5-6 people wanting to buy theirs as well. I commented like a week after that and still no reply. I don't know if you had been away or very busy but I'd like to buy my MYO. Here: MYO Faelidh Contest Winners!!Hi guys! Firstly, I just want to thank you all so much for entering! At least personally, this was by far one of the hardest contests I've had to judge-and it seems like the other judges had a hard time too! You all put so much thought and effort into your entries that it was so hard to narrow it down! Also, thank you to my wonderful judges Enaxn Zieu gemboundGoat and Rianach for your help, I certainly couldnt have done it without you guys!
I added some more winners since there was such a great turnout. There's 3 overall winners, and then 4 extra each for story and design categories-making 11 winners in total! All 11 will get their Faelidh free of charge, and the overall winners will be getting something extra from me! : D Keep reading for some news at the bottom as well!
Anyways! Without further ado, the winners!
:bulletyellow:Overall Story and Design:bulletyellow:

Congratulations! We all were such a fan of how much thought yo
:0    Not trying to be rude I was just a bit worried because even though its past the deadline for buying it I never got a reply to send the points :0
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